August 9th, 2003

Day Six

Began the day with the prayer from “Waking the Dead” again. Wow.

A bald eagle soared up-stream and now sits in the top of a dead-head, surveying his domain.

Looks like another beautiful day.

Did I mention that I miss Brenda and the girls? It’s a little different now, though. It doesn’t  “hurt” when I miss them. Is that me drawing my strength from God? Is this me, bringing strength to them? To others?

God says it works that way. He’s been blindingly faithful for the last six days…why would He stop now?

Took a quick camp-shower so I don’t offend too badly when I see her.

It’s good to be me…whatever my name is.

It’s the essence of the time – not the remembering of the time.

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