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  1. A quick internet search seems to reveal that historians are still divided in opinion about what Hernan Cortes actually commanded be done to the boats, but there does seem to be historical consensus that they boats were indeed destroyed upon the conquistador´s arrival on the coast of what is now Mexico.

    Although I believe Spanish and other conquests of empire to be largely inconsistent with the Christian message (even though the conquistador´s themselves believed they were on a mission from God I think), the symbolic nature of burning the vessels and never turning back is compelling when one considers the actual call of the Gospel itself.

    (P.S. I simply think there must have been more humane and appropriate ways of bringing the Christian message to indigenous people groups living in foreign lands)

    1. Hi Matthew,

      For clarity’s sake, my use of Cortez as a title for that post was not intended as an endorsement of his “mission” but as a point of resonance with the value he placed on his ships (the only way back home) relative to forward progress. Perhaps I could have chosen better :-/

        1. Not directly. The post was about my internal world. Listening to God calling me to a place beyond spiritual disciplines, beyond practices and self-control.

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