Advent 2016


Simple, little things can make such a difference. I have been struggling of late to feel connected to God.  I have felt like straight-up, old school discipline (which has been in short supply itself!) has been the only thing holding my relationship with God together. But when things begin to feel forced, I tend to want to drop them.  And so there’s the potential for a “death spiral” to begin: The less I’m “feeling it” the less I want to try which means, of course, I “feel” it less, and so on.

I experienced a respite in all this last night as I set-up an informal little altar of sorts for our Northumbria Community Group. Being Advent season, I ventured into the cold rainy darkness and cut an arm load of greens from several trees. I have no design talent what-so-ever, but I made an attempt to place them on our mantle in some sort of attractive array and and then accented them with candles and a replica of a High Cross. Just something to focus our eyes on, and maybe then help us focus our thoughts:

The Evergreens: A co-opted pagan practice used to remind us of eternal life, and the promise of it’s reality made possible through the Incarnation.

The Candles: Light has entered the world, but the darkness has not overcome it! Even in deepest winter, light can and will prevail.

Simple little things can make such a difference.

3 thoughts on “Advent 2016

  1. Nice job on the mantle.

    One thing I like about the Advent season in Germany is that it is alive and well .. albeit for most people it doesn´t have any sort or Christian signficance. That´s O.K. though … Cordelia and I know what makes the season so important.

    Have a great Advent season Dan and Co. 🙂

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