May 19th, 2010

BIG PICTURE: I am not a true contemplative. I am not an academic. I am not a very good student and I certainly am not self-motivated. I am “prone to wander”, I seek distraction and I’m easily bored. So where the hell does this mystic side of me fit in? Andy seems to walk it out and he is HIGHLY distractible (more like Randy is). I’m different. Their kind of distraction has charm, it seems “honest”. Andy’s family has also mentioned the “dark side” of his distractibility…but again it’s offered in a way that makes it comedic, sitcom-like “Oh…there goes that WHACKY Andy again!” (laugh track). My distraction feels darker. More sinister. Like it’s not an honest distraction. I feel weak.

CLASSWORK: Only got 4 segments of study in instead 5. Left my 50/10 routine. Weak.

READ/RITE/REFLECT; THE SILENCE OF THE HEART: What a hodge-podge of new-agey crap mixed in with stuff about Jesus. The author is literally speaking for Jesus…in the first person. I don’t know if the entire book is like this, and how/why the author claims this authority…but. Read it I will.

The author seems to want us to realize that “the power lies within us” (my words). That we must learn to live in the moment, take responsibility for our own lives, and let go of expectations. I can dig that.

Of course he goes on to turn Jesus into a universalist with no moral or doctrinal spine: “Religious righteousness is attack in disguise. Only those who are full of pride think that they have exclusive understanding of the truth and the right to judge others. The Christian religion-the religion that purports to be inspired by me-is riddled with countless cases of spiritual pride.”

Where does he get the authority to speak for Jesus? Would he even KNOW about Jesus of Nazareth without the Bible he so nonchalantly edits?

He goes on to essentially make the argument that anything done in Jesus name that does not align with Jesus teaching, can’t be Jesus-religion.

Umm. Duh.

At best, the way he described this concept is a TERRIBLE way to teach, and at worst: flat our heresy. I suspect the latter.

Everything the author points to (so far) points inward; to self, co-creator; trust your experience, nothing from outside can really be trusted, God is within you.

I’m sorry – that’s just a bunch of shit. I’ve been to the inside of me. Maybe I’m the only one who finds evil and rancor and judgment there….if so, well, I guess I’m the problem and everyone else will figure it out and find a way to get me out of the way. I need help from outside myself. Yes…I am Imago Dei. Yes I understand that I am Christ-like. But I am a duality. So much of this new-age shit is focused on trying to create a unity WITHOUT acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

It’s original sin in a prettier wrapping. “I’m God!”

That fellow we heard at God Rock a couple of weeks ago said it!: “I’m God”.  He was about as “Right-Wingy-Texan-God-has-Specially-Blessed-America” as you can get…just with a few magic tricks to make the show more appealing. Then we’ve got THIS guy, who’s a Super-Lefty-Lives-in-Massachusetts-Meditate-on-Love-Don’t Judge ANYTHING” guy, saying the same thing!

Welcome to the end of the world : For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2Timothy 4

I can accept so many things that would be considered UN-ACCEPTABLE in the American Evangelical Church. I get that we’ve f*cked up the Gospel. But I’m at a point in my walk where I become ANGRY when the Prince of Peace is reduced to some mystical love guru and is not recognized as King.

I’ll keep reading though.

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