August 8th, 2003

Day Five

Read the prayer aloud again this morning. Very powerful. It’s another beautiful day. No rain. No bears.

God. I pray that you would guide my prayers today. Spirit, direct my heart to whom and what I should be praying for.

Jesus is Lord.

So as I’m walking, considering my name – I am hearing a reoccurring theme: “You heard Frodo SECOND…that was you speaking.  I showed you Sam Wise Gamgee.” That thought has occurred to me off and on since day one – but I’ve been waiting.

I started asking for some kind of confirmation…”God, you’re going to have SHOW me.” Then I remembered the questions in “Waking the Dead”: What do you love?

-I love taking care of people. Being with them and seeing them reach their full potential.

-I love it when I can follow-through on something completely – do it right despite myself or any other circumstances.

-I love art.

-I love getting good at something – learning it’s essence – and then moving on.

Of course IMMEDIATELY after having these thoughts, a bear shows up again! What’s with that? A sow and one cub across the river foraging. Very cute…from this side of the river.

And then – go figure – I meet Jerry again when I get into camp. I followed through on the thought that God had given me last night. I made sure I clarified a few issues about Christianity for him.

He and his wife are very nice. We talked for about 20 minutes about religion, movies and culture. He asked if I found my name yet. I told him, “we’ll see.”

God, my desire is for a new name from you. I have heard the name you have spoken – but I’m worried that I have generated it. Oh God, will you confirm the name I am hearing?

I miss Brenda and the girls, so. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow.

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