+4 Days

We started to wade into to it today.

The medicine sort began. It was frenetic and fun, and a little sad to paw through piles of outdated, second hand supplies getting it ready for people who really need, have little access to it. Simple stuff like sterile bandages, malaria medication and the like.

We also had a water heater failure here at the house complete with hot water gushing through the kitchen ceiling…we were also treated to what we are told is a typical Malawian blackout. The power just shuts off for a while because reasons.

Lunch with the whole team at a favorite haunt of the Eppersons, a stop by the pharmacy to place an order for my meds (this is the result of the generosity of our supporters…thank you!) and then a stop at the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery.

This picture should explain the experience…


Justin was a rock star with the kids. Really, everyone on the team was, but this was the first time Justin had ever held a baby.

The children here have either lost their parents or suffered some sort of trauma which resulted in their parents losing the child. In Malawi these are the very lucky ones.

Yes, there are a lot of kids in need in the States and elsewhere. And so I was doubly proud to be here with two families who have adopted children, and have dear friends who foster as well. Simply visiting a nursery in Africa isn’t enough.

We’ve got to get our lives behind it.

This experience underscores the principle that short term mission trips don’t change the world. There are children dying every where every hour and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

But I can live differently. I can allow myself to be changed. I can help lead change in my context.

I am more convinced than ever that the Gospel of Peace, the call to reject unchecked growth, materialism, and an entertainment culture are the steps that will lead to steps that will lead to steps that might make a real difference beyond the few lives we, or any group, can directly impact.

Friends – we have to change.

Slow down.
Do with less.
Love the people who God has placed in your life radically and sacrificially.
Don’t quit on your marriages. Fix them. It’s not all about you being “happy”.
Grow some of your own food, work fewer hours and give more.
Ride your bike, walk, play with your kids.
Pray. Be still. Stop supporting global-rapist corporations.
Get your junk worked out with God and ask him what you should be doing.
Visit your friends and put down the remote and the video controller.
See if you can do without the luxury car.


I had to get in at least one rant on this trip. After visiting orphans in Africa seemed like as good a time as any.

Really…I do love you all. Let’s just keep talking about how to leverage the astounding abundance we have been blessed with in meaningful ways…


3 thoughts on “+4 Days

  1. “We need to live differently”

    Great tag line Dan. Let´s try and do it together. Believing in Jesus is one thing …
    living like Him is something completely different. We are called to do both.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to move gratitude for the incredible abundance in my life from my brain to my heart and soul. Workin’ on it, anyway. 🙂

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