The Monkey Trap

Everyone needs it.

Your deepest fear feeds it.

That’s why it works so well.

It’s  sweet like honey.

Can’t buy it with money.

Though some have tried it before.

How can you blame?

Who would feel shame,

for wanting that thing that brings life?

Ah, but that’s how he gets you,

that hunter he bets you

won’t learn to stop at enough.

Reach inside and grab the prize, it’s right then that it hits you:

It’s a one way track, you’ll never come back, with your hand inside the monkey trap. And it will be so good when you taste it

You’ve come too far just to waste it.

Your fist is bloody and bruised

You are being used

But if you let go, you just couldn’t make it

No knife no gun

and he won’t have to run;

you’ll wait there all by yourself

Your fist clenched tight,

and you’ve lost all sight,

just why you reached in at all

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