March 26th, 2009

The Discovery channel has “Shark Week”. There is actually a “Cholesterol Awareness Month” and a “Child Passenger Safety Week”. I have new one: March is Death Month. My brother died in March 1998, my mother died in March 2005, something died in me in March 2008 and now my father in 2009.

I’m not getting out of bed for the entire month of March 2010.

Death is a corrective. It plays the role of Law. It is not what we are made for, but it is a mercy in that it serves as a doorway FROM brokeness to potential wholeness. A necessary evil. Gollum.

Followers of Christ must not forget, however, that the crucifixion is not the end of the story. Death, our ugly, pitied, insane, little guide does not have the last word.

Easter is coming.

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