March 25, 2013

Part I of the Brendan Liturgy kicked my ass.

I’ve read it before.

But there are points in time and space where things collide that at other times and places miss each other.

How many times have you driven the same route to work…crossing the same intersection at roughly the same time, with the same travel mug of cooling coffee in your hand, the same songs playing from the car speakesr?

5,000 times?

How many times did your 2nd grade teacher, whom you haven’t seen in 45 years, walk her dog through that same intersection at roughly the same time you were sitting at the red light, but…you never saw each other?

Less than 10 feet separating the space between the two of you, but sometimes as little as 5 seconds separation too…and that 5 seconds meant the difference between another pause at “that damn light that ALWAYS turns red on me!” and “You’re never going to believe who walked right in front of me at the light on Beech Street and 8th!”

5,000 near misses because time and space conspiring against it.

Then one day…it just happens. Fate? Odds? Divine appointment?

Could be any of them. I think it simply depends in what we choose to put our faith in. If you put your faith in Math-Alone, then it’s a simple, random inevitability. Fate – then you can insert whatever significance you wish. Divine appointment- you should probably perk up and pay close attention.

God is doing something.

I have a lot of faith in Math-Alone for accomplishing mathematical things; for answers to questions involving WHAT, WHERE and HOW, but no faith in Math-Alone to answer any question including the word WHY. I have no faith in Fate. Fate is that thing we are all capable of manufacturing in our imaginations and through which we then force facts like a cheese grater…leaving…well shreds of what used to be facts.

I nearly ran over the Brendan Liturgy while she was walking her dog this morning…and I had never seen her before, even though we had passed this same spot every morning for over 5 years.

I think God is trying to get my attention.

Too much sun and Spring-time potential calling from the garden right now. I must go out.

More later.